Jul 31

Combine Harvester

Please be aware that if the weather continues to be dry, we would like to harvest the fields west of the village.

This means that we are going to have to be able to move our Combine Harvester, which is rather large and 15 foot wide, through the village, at short notice.

Please could you make sure that your cars are not parked in the road blocking our way through, if you are likely to be away for the day and leaving them unattended.

I have spoken to Sussex Police about abnormal road movements and they have informed me that the vehicle removal regulations allow them to tow away any vehicle that prevents any person from carrying out their lawful work. Any charges for this will fall on the owners of the offending vehicles.

I do not intend to be unreasonable, but the grain moisture is critical as it cannot be stored above a certain percent, and warm periods of hot dry weather are crucial for harvesting. As some of you have got more than 2 cars, with limited parking space, if you need to park a car out of the way there is room up the farm, please ring me.

Thank you, in anticipation of your co-operation.

Mark Lee

857239/07973 749431