Aug 24


As you may have noticed, various works have been carried out in the village to help reduce flooding. The money for this was raised by Poynings Parish Council applying for grants for this purpose.

Poynings Parish Council will try and see if more grants can be obtained and will be putting in another application.

What the Council proposes to apply for are:

To raise the rest of the footpath between school cottages and PondBay
To raise the footpath between Downmere and School Cottages. From the road to the kissing gate.
To put in a footpath from just above the School to the Church.

Has anyone else any ideas where flooding occurs that may be added to this?

There is no guarantee of course that we will be able to raise any further funds.

A lot of flooding occurs due to the top of the road gulley’s being covered with leaves etc. Highways or MSDC will never be able to clear this quickly and the best remedy is for locals to do this if they are able.

Kind regards