Jul 17

Lambs Update

To All Our Supporters

Thank you for your amazing generosity, we are more than half way towards meeting our target to fund our Barrister, planning consultant, and associated experts to represent us at the Horsham District Planning Hearing.

We have received many donations from residents throughout the area, mostly from the local villages, but also from as far afield as Lewes and Haywards Heath.  Henfield tops the list for the largest number of donations, showing that villagers there are acutely aware of the detrimental effect Mayfields would have on their thriving community.  Twineham has currently raised the most money; but we are so grateful to every single donor, both large and small, and are aiming to write to you all individually.

A special thank you to the pivotal land owners at the centre of the proposed new town site who have not only resisted Mayfields’ seduction but are actively supporting our campaign both monetarily and practically.  The warning from those on the front line is that the spin currently being used by Mayfields is, ‘you are the last ones left’, which we all know not to be the case.  Remember these people will say and do anything to try and get their way!

Please, please do try and donate what you can – we are confident that with the right representation, we will be able to make a very sound case in front of the planning inspector. Even if he feels Horsham District needs to produce more houses than the 13,500 in their proposed district plan through to 2031, he will be left in no doubt that the Mayfields scheme is the least sustainable, least deliverable option available and should not be encouraged under any circumstances.

Peter Freeman, only this week, criticised LAMBS for ‘not looking at the issues in light of the housing crisis which is in the papers every day and is a local concern not just a national one.’ We are sure you will agree that both our District Councils and Parish Councils are working hard at delivering sustainable and appropriate housing for our areas.  We do not need four individuals who have no association whatsoever with Mid Sussex or Horsham districts to add another 10,000 houses to the tens of thousands of new homes already being planned, which are already in addition to the thousands currently under construction or recently completed.

 You can donate online today at www.lambs.org.uk or send a donation direct to the LAMBS NatWest bank account:

LAMBS: Sort Code 535039 Account number 55355846

Monthly direct debits can also be set up to this account or you can send a cheque made payable to LAMBS to:

Anthony Watts Williams
Suite 204
33 Queen Street
Horsham RH13 5AA

 With best wishes and sincere thanks