Feb 10

Police Notice

A window alarm may ensure you come to no harm

Mid Sussex residents are being encouraged to make their homes more secure by picking up a low cost window alarm.

The Mid Sussex Community Safety Partnership and Sussex Police are keen to help residents protect their property and are giving local people the opportunity to purchase affordable window alarms as part of a New Year crime prevention campaign.

Residents are being offered the chance to purchase window alarms at a reduced rate of £2.00, which is £2 cheaper than the normal retail price of £4.00. This relatively inexpensive item will help residents to protect their homes and keep crime levels low in the District. The discounted window alarms are available to buy from Police stations in Burgess Hill, East Grinstead and Haywards Heath. Please see www.sussex.police.uk for opening times.

Residents are also being encouraged to take a few simple steps that will help to keep their home safe and secure;

Daily security

  • When leaving the house empty, close windows and doors – especially on the ground floor.
  • Keep all wallets, purses, credit cards and car keys out of sight and out of reach.
  • An intruder alarm can be an effective deterrent against burglars. Before choosing a system, seek advice to find the most suitable option.
  • Make it a habit to mark valuables using a postcode and house number or name. Some articles are unsuitable for marking so photograph them next to a ruler.
    After dark

  • When going out in the evening, always leave a light on – in a room that can’t be peered into from the road.
  • Fit security lighting – either dusk to dawn energy efficient lighting that will come on automatically as dusk sets in, or infrared activated lighting which draws attention to movement.

When on holiday or away from home

  • Use an automatic time switch on an indoor light, either in a room that cannot be peered into from the road or upstairs. Regularly change the timing on the switch.
  • Put a time switch on a radio that has been tuned to a chat station, giving the impression that the house is occupied. Again, regularly change the timing on the switch.

“Mid Sussex is a low crime area and if we all work together to prevent crime then we can help to ensure it stays that way,” said Councillor Christopher Snowling, Cabinet Member for Health and Community. “These low cost window alarms are a quick and easy way to add a little extra protection against thieves. Making life hard for opportunist crooks goes a long way towards keeping our crime levels low and making sure Mid Sussex continues to be one of the safest places in the country to live.” 

For more information about crime prevention in Mid Sussex, contact the Mid Sussex District Council Community Safety team on 01444 477550 or email communitysafety@midsussex.gov.uk. You can also contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 or via the website at www.sussex.police.uk/your-neighbourhood

Feb 10

Geoffrey Harris


Tony Brooks has written an obituary for Geoffrey Harris that may be of interest to Poynings folk that knew him.



Feb 10


Dear All,

“Jeremy Hodgkinson, author of a book on iron firebacks, is trying to track down this rare and unusual fireback that was illustrated in The Connoisseur magazine in 1915. It  was reported to have been found ‘in a brook at Poynings’, and he would be  very interested to know if it is still in the neighbourhood, in the hope that he  might get to take a closer look at it.

Another similar fireback recently came to light in Herefordshire. If anyone has any information, would they please contact Jeremy at jshodgkinson@hodgers.com.” 

I have attached a copy of the picture that appeared in The Connoisseur, which I will readily admit is not very clear, but I hope it might yield a result.

Kind regards

Jeremy Hodgkinson

Feb 10



There have been a few break-ins in the Village recently. Stuff taken from garages. Please ensure things are kept locked.

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