Sep 02

Pondtail Wood – Weekly Update Bulletin – 2 September 2016

  • Enforcement Officer John BACON is leaving the SDNPA and his role as Pondtail Wood liaison will be taken by Jean Chambers, Performance & Technical Manager in our Planning Directorate. Her email address is . Please direct any information, enquiries or Weekly Updates to her from this time on.



Key dates


  • Stop Notice was served on the 13th June 2016 and took effect immediately.
  • The Enforcement Notice was served on the 13 June and should have taken effect on 12th July 2016. This effective date is suspended due to the submission of an Appeal.
  • An Appeal against the Enforcement Notice had been validated with the Planning Inspectorate on 12 August 2016. However, the appropriate fee has yet to be paid.
  • Remedial work specified in the Enforcement Notice should be completed by 23rd August 2016 (42 days from when the notice takes effect). Currently this date is suspended due to the appeal.
  • Before 30 April 2017 the land must be restocked with trees as per the Forestry Commission Notice. This Notice has also now been appealed.
  • Owner must pay appeal fee by 2 September 2016
  • Sale by auction by Barnard Marcus on 12 September 2016.


SDNPA Website


SDNPA website has a dedicated webpage with regular updates, which can be accessed from the front screen by clicking on the photo titled ‘Pondtail Wood Update’: