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Bonfire Night


An amazing display, preceded by amazing drumming (Henry & Crowther posse) accompanying Mikey’s Fab 16th guy and Colin’s top torches, protected of course by Mike’s traffic crew. Huge thanks to Nicki, Mark, Michael, Helen, Ryan and Dan! Thanks also to Matt, Barbara, Tony, Laura, Hari, Al, Keith, Carl, Nigs, Malcolm, Ian, John, Linda, Helen, Chris, Jake, Dan, John, Tim , Mikey, Colin, Mike, Henry, Ollie, Ru & Felix. Sheila and anyone else who helped.

This year both firework man Jim and villagers alike wanted the show to be a tribute to Phil Woodhams who had put so much into this every year.

Helen and Mark had had the idea to run a bonfire and fire-works night at around about the same time and so they joined forces for the Centenary of the Parish Councils in about 1997 and along with the later addition of the procession run by Sheila it has continued ever since ! Perhaps some of you heard the loud roaring of a motorbike going off into the distance after the fireworks…

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