Sep 18

Recipe Book

The four parishes, Edburton, Newtimber, Poynings and Pyecombe, are working together to produce a recipe book to raise funds for the four churches. 

To do this we obviously need recipes! Nothing fancy – just the sort of things that you cook frequently and that your friends and family enjoy eating. 

If the recipe features local produce even better! 

Please help us by sending me a recipe and bypassing this message onto any of your friends in the village that you know cook at least one fabulous dish! 

Recipes should be sent to me or posted through the door of the vicarage in Poynings

Recipe title



Brief description of finished dish




Why have you chosen this dish to share?




Which Season do you think it fits?

Winter / Spring / Summer / Autumn / Anytime

(delete seasons not appropriate)






















Cooking time


Oven temperature


How many people will it feed? 

Serving suggestion.




Tips / variations (if applicable)






Address / contact details