Jul 17


Dear friends,

Thank you very much indeed for signing my petition “STOP TWO LORDS FROM BUILDING 10,000 HOUSES ON RURAL SUSSEX LAND” – this issue means a great deal to all of us and I really appreciate your support. We have over 1,696 signatures so far!

The more people who sign the petition, the more chance we have of winning this important issue to save our wildlife. I’m emailing you to ask if you can go one step further and share the petition with your friends and family:



Posting the campaign on Facebook or Twitter only takes a second, but it will mean that hundreds of people see the petition and can join our movement. If you can email the link around as well, all the better – that will allow us to spread the word to people who don’t use social media too.

 http://Bit.ly/1rcq7E2   OR   https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-two-lords-from-building-10-000-houses-on-rural-sussex-land

Please help to STOP the building of a new town in Sussex for 10,000 homes, over 30,000 people. There simply isn’t the infrastructure to sustain such an invasion.

-Hospitals are already unable to cope with present numbers and there are NO plans to build a new one grossly inconveniencing the local population.

-There is not enough fresh water to supply and sustain this huge development so there will be water shortages and will impact on the already overstretched sewerage treatment works.

-Vast areas of countryside – greenfield and greenbelt land, where many Red Listed and Schedule 1 Protected birds live, including Osprey, Lapwing & Barn Owls, as well as other protected species of wildlife such as Bats and Badgers will be concreted over, destroying their habitat and ruining the countryside forever.

 – All amenities would be overstretched, terrible traffic congestion on already full roads and this will open the door to other large developments. – Rural Sussex will turn into an urban concrete sprawl with strategic gaps closed.

 – Council will be unable to sustain usual road repairs, flooding, fire and ambulance services, police, doctors or schools with such a huge population moving into the area.

 – The proposed area is a floodplain.

 – Sussex villages are being ruined and countryside eroded, wildlife destroyed. These houses would be better built north of London within the HS2 proposed railway line.

There needs to be more balanced house building and development plans spread evenly across the country not predominantly in the South East, where vast areas of land have already been built upon and green-belt and green-field land criminally ignored.

Thank you very much for standing with me on this issue to help preserve our wildlife and greenbelt land.