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Wealden Building Study Group

The Wealden Building Study Group was formed over 50 years ago to interpretively record as many as possible of the historic timber framed buildings still remaining in Sussex and the surrounding counties of the South East. The Group itself has recorded over 600 buildings to date but individually members have recorded several thousand more. Members also helped set up the Weald & Downland Living Museum near Chichester which opened in 1970 and now contains over 50 reconstructed buildings, and has referred many enquiries to us that their busy staff do not have time to answer. We have also recently worked with the South Downs National Park on collating many survey records of the buildings within their boundaries.

Much of the remaining earlier structure of many buildings is hidden behind later façades and additions, and needs to be evaluated and recorded by persons who are versed in the chronology of vernacular timber building development. A building may be a ‘Listed Building’ but very often this was only based on a brief visual inspection and consequently, a vague general description. There are also many buildings that have these characteristics but are not, and probably never will be, listed but whose owners would wish to understand their historic development.

As many parishes and towns have done varying levels of research on their historic buildings and environs, and either published them or placed them on their websites, we would like to offer individual householders the opportunity, via our website enquiry form, to request an initial visit by a member to assess the building. This could then lead to a Group visit which would result in a short written report of our conclusions. This poster/flyer “Click Here” gives more detail on the process as does our website. Please use it as you see fit for display in A4 format, forwarding to interested parties, or perhaps include a link to us on your website.

Understandably as our service is provided at no cost by volunteers, we have a waiting list, and are just formulating the April to October 2018 visits programme. Nevertheless, we will try at least to complete an initial assessment visit within a reasonable time. If a householder can provide a few photos of aspects of the building, with their enquiry, as illustrated on the poster, this would be most helpful.

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John Crane BA Hons | Wealden Buildings Study Group

Visits Secretary / Digitisation Project Administrator

Tel: 01903 717069

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