Apr 06

3 in 1 cards – Press release

Note from Peter Griffiths, our County Councillor concerning the Press release below about the 3 in 1 cards.

I may have drawn your attention to this proposed decision as I am not at all convinced that it is

a. equitable or

b. necessary.

I have asked the Cabinet Member responsible that the deadline is extended . To have only 4 days notice is in my view pretty shoddy added to which the unreasonable deadline is within the current Easter Holidays!

There was a heads up news item in the February WSCC Current Issues. It included a very confusing definition of who was eligible under ‘low income families’ that took 3 officers to clarify for me but there was no mention of the online consultation nor the link.

Thank you

Peter G

News release

For Immediate Release

04 April 2016


Have your say on 3in1 cards before Friday April 8 deadline


Residents have until Friday, April 8 to have their say over the future of 3in1 travel cards in West Sussex.

West Sussex County Council is running an online public consultation on the future of the scheme.

The cards are being reviewed taking into account changes in national legislation, the priorities of the Future West Sussex plan and increasing financial pressures.

3in1 Cards are a concessionary travel scheme for young people aged from five to 19.

Pupils and students pay £50 for the card, which entitles them for savings on bus travel at any time on any day of the week.

About 6,000 students out of 116,000 who go to school or college use the scheme, which costs £1.2m a year.

The County Council has proposed three options:

•          The 3in1 Card scheme continues in its current format
•          The 3in1 Card ceases to operate
•          The 3in1 Card ceases to operate but funding for 16-19 year-olds from low income families (in full time further education) would be made available.

The questionnaire asks participants to rank their preferred option, and give their views on the scheme. 

Participants are also asked for their views on the dates for any changes to be introduced.

To participate, visit https://haveyoursay.westsussex.gov.uk/highways-and-transport/3in1card.