Jun 11

Dodgy white Van Man

This is the note from Hurstpierpoint Hub Facebook page.


Beware folks, just found someone of Eastern European origin walking into my back garden looking for scrap metal as he said it appeared we are having work done on our house. Claimed he was going to knock on the back door...after just walking past the front door! Couldn't understand why I was asking him to leave my property!


White van registration EW04 FWJ (possibly a character out). Keep your eyes peeled. Thanks.




I think I may have also seen this van driving round St Lawrence & Fairfield Cres this morning around 9.30am . White transit style van and the driver was wearing an orange high vis. He caught my eye as he was looking up drives as he drove down the road.




Yes,  that's the one. We are down St Lawrence Way and yes he had a high vis jacket on. I reported to the police but got the number plate slightly out so they are going to see what they can do. Thanks