Jul 26

Lambs Update

Mayfields have objected to Horsham Council’s District Plan which proposes to build 13,000 houses over 20 years.  Mayfields say thousands more homes are needed on top of the planned 13,000 and suggest the figure should be closer to 24,000.   This would mean a huge increase in building throughout the area in addition to the new town itself. The Horsham half of the new town plan accounts for only 5,000 of this increase – the other 5,000 being in Mid Sussex.

The County Times have this week printed details of Mayfields submission and we would urge all our supporters to contact the paper this week at ct.news@jpress.co.uk to let them know your views. 

The article is here County Times and you can see the Mayfields submission at:

and click the PDF at the bottom.  The direct link is on the LAMBS website.

If localism is to work, we need to ensure there is no doubt of the opposition for the number of houses Mayfields say are necessary – 1,000 per year as opposed to 650 recommended by Horsham..

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