Aug 23

Raising Funds for Holy Trinity Church. Poynings

There is a simple way to raise funds for our local church at no cost to you! 

Shop online via and retailers (from John Lewis to Thomson Holidays) give a donation to your charity of choice, and Holy Trinity Church Poynings is listed on the website as a cause to support.

It’s easy:

Go to , click on ‘support a good cause’, enter ‘Holy Trinity Church, Poynings’ and click on ‘support this cause’.

Then register with your details and after that shopping online via will automatically channel donations to the Church. 

Shopping itself is easy – just go to this website and find your retailer and carry on as usual with purchases.  The donations cost you nothing.

You can also use easysearch instead of Google for searches and this gives the Church 1p for every two searches.  Simply go to  and put in ‘Holy Trinity Church, Poynings’ where it asks what cause you support, and then every time you do a search via this website funds trickle in.

Bookmark and now!

Thank you for your support!

Caroline and the PCC.